Jump over the Moon (Skok čez Luno)



Skok čez Luno (SČL) is an educational art project for young people (YP), implemented in schools; it addresses inclusion through contemporary and improvisational dance by a mixed-abled artist team spending a day with the YP, designing and questioning diverse themes through movement and dialogue.
The project indirectly raises awareness and acceptance of diversity among YP in Slovenian schools. Communication through body, movement and touch becomes a direct life experience that no theoretical input could achieve and that’s why the project SČL is special, different and socially innovative.

TEAM Jump over the Moon (Skok čez Luno/SčL)

 Urša Urbančič; dancer, performer, DanceAbility teacher, founder/artistic director of Limitless Movement. She gained project management experience in the field of art for social inclusion at Ekvilib Institute (ART-SOC project, Global Sofa) and in Medarhiv as a coordinator in the project Social Activation @ SčL: Manager and Artist
Ema Weixler; trainer, project manager, dancer, performer and non violent communication practitioner, founder of ZaTo association for art of movement. She has more than 6 year of experience working internationally with youth, inclusion and non-formal education@ SčL: Coordinator
Tina Cerk; dancer, performer and has graduated from Social Work. Co-founder of ODTIZ Institute, for education and inclusion. @ SčL: Artist
Jurij Konjar; dancer, improviser, performer, choreographer, researcher, writer. Studied at PARTS in Brussels. Founder of Habitat – nomadic workspace platform and ZaTo association for art of movement. @ SčL: Artist
Dejan Srhoj; dancer, performer, pedagogue, founder of Fičo Ballet and co-founder of Nomad Dance Academy network, graduated at the Open University in London – (BA in Humanities). @ SčL: Artist