You can support Limitless Movement, Institute for Performing Arts , without Exclusion by:

- spreading information about our work,
- donating on our bank account IBAN SI56 6100 0001 9903 874, (Limitless Movement, Institute for Performing Arts, without Exclusion, V Češnjico 35, Sadinja vas, 1261 Ljubljana-Dobrunje), by stating the purpose of transfer as donation,
- donating part of your income tax to our organization (instructions):
this does not cost you anything, just fill in the form with your information , name of the beneficiary: Limitless movement, tax number: 14615304 and the percentage of personal income you would like to donate,- preferably 0.5%, sign it and send it to DURS (Tax Administration of the Republic of Slovenia).


We thank you for all support:

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