DanceAbility is an innovative dance method (mixed-abilities and dance without exclusions) based on improvisation, and it aims to connect all people with “disabilities” (paraplegia, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, deafness, blindness, “the normal”, …) and people who are interested in working and co-creating with them in the field of contemporary dance.

This dance method is neither therapeutic nor therapy-based. It is neither meant for people with disabilities nor is it about them. It is no more therapy than any other form of dance, and its effects are not more therapeutic on people with disabilities than they are on people without them. It ensures equal collaboration and learning environment for everyone. This is not an environment that would divide people into those who participate in order to “be helped” and those who come there to “be helpers.”
The purpose of DanceAbility is to unite people who are divided into individual groups in our society (deaf, blind, paraplegic, Down syndrome and, cerebral palsy patients, those with mental disabilities, “the normal”, …) and to strengthen their co-existence. The point is to bring people together regardless of their differences and to find a common language. At the same time, this method constitutes such a diverse group to aid abandonment of old patterns of movement and to search the unknown.
DanceAbility method (dance for everyone, without exclusions) enhances creativity, bestows artistic value, encourages intense psychological and-physical pursuits, explore the movement of the body and its capabilities. Performing in a mixed group also strengthens social inclusion, collective spirit and tolerance.