The Let Dance project (Allow to Dance)

Allow to Dance(LET DANCE)
Real security is not in the things you have, but in the things you can do without!

We are all, searching for something. We are looking outside ourselves, gasping greedily and rushing endlessly. We for satisfaction and short-term improvements which don’t really fulfill us. We remain empty and unhappy. Sometimes life stops us. And it stops us for a reason. That which at first seem devastating, later unveils itself as key to our growth.
Work in progress is dance experiment, embracing old capabilities and challenging new ones that arise after landmark moments in our lives when dance seems like the most distant and, impossible wish, hope, dream, memory. Dance and physical limitations act as totally incompatible; nevertheless, the memory of dance is still present even in limited body and it quivers relentlessly. We research physical limitations, surmount them together and search for our own movements through improvisation, we allow ourselves to dance.
Authors: Ajda Es, Sandra Đorem and Urša Urbančič

Choreography: Ajda Es, Sandra Đorem and Urša Urbančič
Tone and music: Brane Zorman
Playing a crystal bowl: Urša Urbančič
Costumes: Natasha Lapornik
Photo: DK
Scenography: Ajda Es, Sandra Đorem and Urša Urbančič
Lighting design and technology: Danilo Pečar
Video: Maša Nonkovič
Text: Urša Urbančič
Producer: KUD Samosvoj
Co-producer / In collaboration with: Ljubljana Dance Theatre
Special thanks to: Branko Potočan and Gregor Luštek
The project was made possible with financial support from:
JSKD (Republic of Slovenia Public Fund for Cultural Activities)and Ljubljana JSKD Regional Office
Sponsor: Bograf