About the Institute

Limitless Movement, Institute for Performing Arts, without Exclusion is a non-profit organization that operates in the cultural field and is intended for everyone. Its main purpose is to give people with different abilities opportunity to work in the field of culturae andl arts on professional and non-professional level.

The aim is to include people with different capabilities, particularly in the field of contemporary dance and performing arts, so they can socialize and achieve self-actualization. In the field of dance art we provide a new alternative for professionalism and jobs, as well as societal-social inclusion and equal opportunities for everyone.
Our main activity are workshops based on the method of DanceAbility (dance for everyone, without exclusions) which is founded on improvisation and connecting all people with different chalenges and people who are interesting to work with and can co-creat.
We believe art can be a tool used to achieve social change and empower people with different needs. This is why we emphasize a strong social and political component of our work as we strive to promote the arts, especially dance, as an important tool for the advancement, integration and abandoning of stereotypes and prejudice towards people with different needs. We influence social development in positive way, promote social inclusion of vulnerable groups, help reduce social stratification and contribute to the elimination of prejudice. We acquaint the public with our endeavors so that they can understand, accept and support this field.

Durability / long-term ideas: our long-term aim is to influence this area by opening up the field of dance to all people (mixed groups) and, include “persons with different abilities’ into society-dance. This will also have a positive impact, on society and the way it embraces all people into its midst equally in all social situations / activities. We will promote, human rights and equal evaluation, and encourage educational and training institutions, therapists and, schools to incorporate this possibility into their work.

Consequently, we enhance social inclusion of people with different needs and, enable quality usage of time (for workshop participants). By working with mixed groups we develop an innovative approach (transfer of good practice ), that rises the level of social tolerance, helps overcome prejudices, strengthens collective spirit and helps develop different forms of communication (verbal, physical, auditory, etc.). It also strengthens and encourages psycho-physical activity that improves self-esteem and well-being of individuals, and adds aesthetical value to the field of performing arts (and art in general). We problematize the issue of professionalism, contribute creativity and innovation to the existing entrenched forms of therapeutic work, and encourage exploration of diverse movement patterns and interdisciplinary integration of these areas of work.
Innovation: improvisation as a tool to explore movement and personal growth; development of new methods of work in a mixed groups; more creativity in therapeutic work; research and development of new movement patterns and consequently art forms.